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Defeat T Mobile antenna site Case No. ZA-2009-3659-CUW

We the people of Sherman Oaks, Calif.  strongly object to the T-Mobile application (Case No. ZA-2009-3659-CUW) for the installation of 12 antennas and a GPS antenna on top of the building at 15216 West Burbank Blvd. We object to this on the following grounds:
1. T-Mobile has been less than forthright in its application. The company’s assertions try to negate the fact that there is no need for improved cellular coverage in the area. They also made errors in the application. They listed the site at Beachwood Canyon and Franklin Avenue in Hollywood.  
1.Federal Law allows for additional wireless facilities to be built to make sure that there is usable voice communication between people. There is no federal law allowing for increased facilities for data transmission. T-Mobile's application claims it will "enhance communications for broadband services". The law applies only to PCS (Personal Communication Services) for voice communication. T-Mobile's very own website rates the area where it is proposing the antenna as already having "Excellent" coverage for cellular phone call reception.
2. A coverage survey of the proposed site was conducted by residents, notarized and entered into the public record at the application hearing.  This survey was conducted to show whether there was any dropped calls or bad coverage in the area where the antennas are proposed to be placed.  There were no dropped calls and no bad reception areas.
3. Studies show that Cellular antenna/ towers cause real estate values to drop. Buyers look at these sites as an "incurable defect" in a neighborhood--a defect that cannot be remedied and causes buyers to stay away. A 2006 study in a new subdivision of Raleigh, North Carolina showed the property values plummet per square foot at each tenth of a mile closer to a cellphone tower. This study was entered into the public record at the hearing.
4. Federal Law says cellphone installations are supposed to be in commercial areas and efforts should be made to keep them away from residential areas. While the proposed site is commercially zoned, the antennas will be ONLY 20 feet away from condomminium residents and an entire neighborhood resides just behind the proposed site, with hundreds of residents affected. The health risks acknowledged in the FCC’s own documents, located at www.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety , give guidance to local city officials as to the health risks and how to determine mitigation of those risks. As per the Daubert rule, the Zoning Administrator, i.e. the factfinder in question, can take into account contradictory scientific evidence presented by the public in rendering a decision.  The document also calls into questions whether T-mobile has an environmental exclusion under the FCC rules becasue their propsed antenna site is a "building". "Buildings" do not have an environmental exclusion.
For the reasons cited above the proposed antenna project by T-mobile should be denied. Furthermore this is the third attempt by T-mobile to go get an antenna or cell phone tower installed in this neighborhood. The people have already expressed their will in this matter. Any further attempt should be considered harrassment of the community by T-mobile.

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